Push Notification bulk volumes available on cpm and cpc basis

Push notifications are quite popular for promoting your business online through advertisement. If you need more business then you can buy push notification bulk volumes on CPM and CPC basis which can help you to reach out to your target consumers easily. CPM here refers to Cost per mille or cost per thousand impressions. So a fixed cost is pre-decided and you have to pay that for every thousand impression of the push notification.

 The CPC model is based on cost per click. This means that your ad payment model is based on the number of clicks that it gets. When you buy push notification bulk volumes then you have to pay to the advertising platform only when the viewer clicks on the ad and is taken to your website. This is a cost effective model of payment where you get quality traffic or potential consumers to your business and are required to pay only when the target consumers click on the ad.

With bulk volumes for the push notifications, you can consider both CPM and CPC model for the payment and reach out to the target consumers through it. To know more about such traffic packages, you can visit www.usadulttraffic.com.