Adult Push Notification Traffic – Ad unit 192×192

Push notification are an effective means of reaching out to more people and promoting your bsuienss to your target consumers. When you need to reach out to the adult internet user then you can buy the adult push notification traffic package. This helps in promoting push notifications to the adult only users only. You can buy the ad unit 192×192 which has a good visibility.  The push notifications have become an essential means of advertising to the smartphone users. They are text notification where it appears as a window and the window is visible to the users in a 192 X 192 format. They appear as notifications which may come with a sound or badge and in other formats.

The ads are served only on the smartphone. When you buy the adult push notification traffic then the network identifies the adult users only and then the push notifications are served only to them. This helps ensure that your business is promoted to the target consumers and you can bring these consumers to your website easily. Such ads have a higher click through rate. To know more about the adult push notification traffic and buy ad unit of 192×192, you can visit