Adult ads restrictions on google adwords in some countries

When it comes to advertising your adult website through Google adwords then you may come across adult ads restriction in some countries.  Google does not permit adult content and it is restricted in some of the countries. The search engine has certain policies that one needs to adhere to in order to get the ads approved and posted on it. When you submit the adult ads then google adword reviews it first and then in case of adult content, it gives a status. The ads with ‘adult’ status are restricted in some countries and are thus not published on adwords. These ads are not published on websites that deal with family traffic and below 18 years traffic.

When you are looking for adult traffic then it is always more beneficial to publish your ads on the websites and networks that receive adult traffic. Publishing it on sites that deals in kids would not solve your purspose. If you require quality traffic then using adult ads and posting then with the networks that allow adult-oriented content would help you to get better quality traffic and this would further help in making your website more popular. To learn more about the adult ads and google adwords restriction, or to design your ad campaign around it you can contact us.